Karavana Flamenco 2015


Karavana Flamenca plays urban Flamenco style, (rumba flamenca) with virtuosity
and authenticity rarely seen outside of Spain. The music fuses the rhythms of Afro
–Cuban rumba to the melodies of traditional flamenco. Fretless bass, duelling
flamenco guitars, percussion drive the rhythm; vocals and guitar provide the
haunting tunes. “The words don’t matter when Ovejero sings” one reviewed
exclaimed “its pure heart-wrenching emotion”

Karavana Flamenca’s members from Spanish/ Romani, Anatolian and Aussie
backgrounds use this progressive flamenco style to create their own Australianbased
sound. The breath-taking energy, upbeat rhythms and soulful melodies of
Karavana Flamenca spell gypsy fiesta every performance. This flamenco style of the
people is danced to with bare feet and played with a bare soul!

Victorian-based Karavana Flamenca has performed at festivals Australia- wide.
Including the National Folk Festival in Canberra, 2014 and headed for Port Fairy this
year..Their album “Gypsy Tour” visits the origins and evolution of rumba flamenca
Gypsy music.



Bookings: 0431 179 317

+61 3 9682 6100
116 Cecil Street South Melbourne Market, South Melbourne, Victoria, 3250, Australia
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